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How to Improve Metabolism after Age 40

Higher Metabolism is the key to improve health.

Today we will not talk about how to boost metabolism but how to improve or prevent metabolic slower down after age 40.

After age of 40, Our organs like heart, kidney, liver uses lot of energy, hence we need to increase energy in muscles cells. Let us understand first, slower metabolism at this age decrease the muscle mass in the body – research by “The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

How to prevent slower down metabolism?………..

Basically we need to increase “MITOCHONDRIA“in our body.  In Simple term this is the energy factory existed in Muscle Cells. It is the energy powerhouse with in muscle cell that create energy. it will help to increase metabolism and constantly generating energy.

Speed up metabolism will turn white fat into brown fat. White fat is unwanted fat in body and Brown fat flow in blood cell to create energy by increasing metabolism and have a bunch of mitochondria.

There are few tips to help mitochondria in our body.:-

  1. After age of 40, we must take Vitamin “D” naturally ( Sun light) or supplements.  Vitamin D will help to bind receptors and it will send signal to the cells , its called Myoblasts. These are the muscle stem cells and we need to activate this stem cells to grow new muscles.
  2. We require mild stresses on body so it can get stronger to overcome said stresses. In simple term, we should do cardio and body strength workout which help to increase Mitochondria in muscle cells, even Sauna bath is the best way to activate Mitochondria. Twice in a week we can have Sauna bath. Daily workout create stress on muscle and it will increase Mitochondria.
  3. Excess use of Antioxidant will reduce the creation of Mitochondria in cells. E.g. If consistently we take antibodies then it will stop reacting on body. Similar way excess intake of Antioxidant will reduce creation of Mitochondria , this will lead to slower  down your metabolism.
  4. Hydroxytyrosol is the other element which will help to increase Mitochondria. Main source of Hydraxytyrosol is Olives- Leave, Fruits and Oil, Red Chilly. Try to add this in your diet because eating certain things that help to increase brown fat in body.

  5. Cold Therapy : If we exposed to the cold then brown fat create more energy to protect body. It means brown fat burns more calories to increase metabolism to create an energy. So once or twice in week we should take cold shower or intake of cold water.
  6. Along with all these remedies, very important for above 40 age people is to control on calories intake. Intermittent fasting will help you to control and reduce calories intake.

Recap in Short >>>>

1 . Vitamin D is must after age 40

2.  Use Olive oil/ Fruits

3.  Do daily workout and once or twice in week have Sauna Bath

4.  Drink Green Tea / Turmeric Tea– it will help to increase Mitochondria , which lead to increase metabolism and muscle mass.

5.  Add spicy food in diet.

6. Do Intermittent Fasting.

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